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SLAID BLACK opens up the world of open-ended play and will innovate the way children and even adults interact with the pikler triangle. As the grid design allows users to bolt on anything that they can imagine, we believe that SLAID BLACK will open up possibilities for more fun and functional play! Definitely a creative challenge for any age and promotes authentic learning along the way through multiple trial and errors.

Made of premium Birch plywood, SLAID BLACK is a versatile panel that is interchangeable with other products. It can be a:

  • slide that goes with KLYMB BLACK
  • rock climbing ramp for accelerating hand-leg-eye coordination and balance training
  • self-designed ball run ramp
  • bridge between KLYMB(s) or KIUB(s)

What you will get is a panel with plain face on one side and boltable grid holes on the other.

SLAID BLACK is commonly paired with these accessories:

  • ball run
  • climbing holds
  • .…and more to come!


45cm W x 122cm L x 10cm H


1. All finishing used are compliance to either EN-71 or FDA regulations making it safe to make wooden toys for children.

2. Pictures are for references only, product may vary from time to time based on improvements made. Kindly follow Instagram/Facebook for latest updates!



Did you know that the Pikler approach is originally designed by a paediatrician (Dr. Emmi Pikler) in the 1940s? It focuses on the kind and respectful relationship between an adult and infant, through tender care moments, a naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play.

Read more about the importance of independent play in a safe environment here.

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