TEPTU – Learning Tower adaptor for IKEA BEKVAM stool, 50cm


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The most affordable learning tower option in town! (especially if you already have the Bekvam stool at home). Commonly known as a kitchen helper stool, a learning tower is an enclosed ‘step stool structure’ that enables your toddler to safely climb to counter top height and participate in activities.

If you have been exploring, you’d know that learning towers can be pricey and bulky for the period they will be useful for.


1. Designed with aesthetics and wallet in mind

2. Practical solution to utilize what was already in the house to encourage independence and autonomy without worrying about falls

3. Lightweight enough for toddlers to carry from one kitchen counter to another

4. Suitable for children ages 1 – 4 years old (they need to be able to stand steadily). With early exposure, they will develop spatial awareness and balancing skills to be on a stool without railings by 3-4 years old.

5. Please ensure you have the original IKEA BEKVAM, aspen, 50cm stool before you purchase this as the measurements may differ slightly.

Read further on advantages of learning tower here.

What’s included:
2x side railings, MR furniture grade plywood
2x bar handles, solid wood dowel
1x front panel, MR furniture grade plywood
6x screws
1x allen key


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