KLYMB Pikler Triangle (Coloured Rungs)


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Perfectly formed to encourage children to stand, climb and conquer at their own pace, each step is calculated to naturally cultivate confidence and builds strength in your little ones as they reach new developmental stages.

Here is a guide to when you should start your child on KLYMB and how it is beneficial for their physical development.

  • 6-12mo – Baby starts to stand with support, pulls on furniture to stand up, walks sideways while holding on to furniture, takes steps with hands held
  • 12-18mo – Toddler starts to walk down stairs holding a railing, placing both feet on the same step. This is the crucial stage for them to learn balance and control, gripping and climbing up and down, safely.
  • 18-24mo – at this age, they’re physically active and KLYMB is really a safe outlet for them to explore for different pretend plays (e.g. camping tent) and just, play. Let their imagination unfold!
  • 24-36mo – Our rung size is small enough for toddlers to grip comfortable yet give the older kids a challenge as they balance climbing upwards with a smaller surface area. Balancing is a skill that never gets old.
  • 36mo and beyond – use this as an obstacle course at home!

KLYMB is is designed to be sleek yet strong enough to withstand pressure up to 80kg. With a quick folding and locking mechanism, KLYMB is lightweight and sturdy to be portable on the go. Refer our FAQs and Care Instructions.

Other key features:

  • Made of solid MR (moisture resistant) plywood used for furniture and hardwood dowels rungs
  • Playmat-friendly legs to protect cushion tear
  • Coated with natural wood finish that is child-safe.

Commonly paired with the following products:

  • KIUB
  • Coloured rungs

What’s included in this set:

  • 4 pcs of support frame semi-assembled, pre-drilled holes for easy assembly
  • 12 pcs solid dowels as ladder rungs
  • 12 pcs allen key screws
  • 1 pc allen key

Approx Dimensions:

When closed: 62cm W x 89cm L x 11cm H

When opened: 62cm W x 85cm L x 75cm H


1. All items used are finished with clear coat that is compliant to either EN-71 or FDA regulations making it a safe wooden toy for children. 

2. Pictures are for references only, product may vary from time to time based on improvements made. Kindly follow @modle.play Instagram/Facebook for latest updates!



Did you know that the Pikler approach is originally designed by a paediatrician (Dr. Emmi Pikler) in the 1940s? It focuses on the kind and respectful relationship between an adult and infant, through tender care moments, a naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play.

Read more about the importance of independent play in a safe environment here.


  • Supervision is required at all times when children are playing on the KLYMB frame, slide, or KIUB
  • Only 1 person shall climb on the KLYMB frame or the KIUB at a time
  • Do not adjust, modify, or tamper with pre-assembled bolts, nuts or screws
  • Do not jump on the KLYMB frame, ladder rungs or KIUB
  • Adult should not sit on the KLYMB frame while supervising
  • If you have the slides with rock climbing holds, tighten the bolts on the holds properly to avoid the climbing holds coming loose and spinning
  • Do not climb on the frame when it is not fully opened or on an uneven surface
  • When hooking the slide onto the KLYMB frame / KIUB, ensure the hook is fully fastened on to the rung.
  • Do not use a slide that is unable to fully hook on to a rung, it may cause the hook to crack

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