Wooden BLOKSS – Math Junior Set


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Think fractions, proportionality, concept of halves and quarters in the different squares, rectangles and triangle shapes. This set encourages the little one to understand parts vs whole, learning relationships from one/multiple blocks to another.

Did you know that 2pcs of triangle can be of same volume as 1 rectangular block (and vice versa)? Play this with your child and be mindboggled together! #mathgeekfun #mathgeekmoments

Material: mixture of kasah and nyatoh wood (chemical-free, untreated wood). Colour may vary from the picture as wood is a natural resource.

Size: 38mm format – matches Blokss Large and Junior Sets, The Architect Set

What you get in this set:

30 pcs Blokss, oiled with food grade mineral oil
1 pc tray, painted with child friendly, environmentally friendly water based coating


Note: Last chance! We will discontinue this product after it is sold out.

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