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Children's Furniture

Did you know child-sized furniture can help support a child’s independence? Think about it, if things are their size they are less likely to ask for help when trying to use it. You are giving them more opportunities to explore their environment when things are at their reach.

Children's Beds

Switching from a crib to a toddler bed can feel like a big change, and timing the switch properly is important. Good sleep is essential to a child’s emotional and social functioning, ability to learn and focus, and overall development. Many parents feel nervous about changing their child’s sleep routine, especially if their child sleeps well in a crib. Transitioning a child too early can lead to sleep troubles and bedtime resistance.


Adjustable to three heights, this desk is designed to cater to young toddlers as young as 10 months for their sensory play / drawing / art / eating up till your child is ready for the adult desk.

Pegboard Shelving
Physio Wall Bar

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